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Kinderhaus Montessori, commonly referred to as KMS, is a private non-profit parent administered school. We believe parental involvement teaches children that school is both important and valuable. Parental involvement improves your child's education, as well as keeps our tuition low. 

We rely on parents to support the school by donating a small portion of their time and talents. Parents can volunteer for a variety of functions, from serving on the Parent Board to making photocopies to chaperoning on field trips. 

At Kinderhaus, our staff is chosen by the Board of Directors. They have been selected for their love and understanding of children in addition to their dedication to the Montessori philosophy. Sessions are led by an AMS certified teacher. 


About Us:

• Kinderhaus attempts to follow the school calendar of the Mounds View and Roseville School Districts. 

• The Kinderhaus Board of Directors meets monthly. These meetings are open to all parents. 

• In August, parent orientations are held by both the Board and the teachers.

• Several all-school social events are held during the year.

• Kinderhaus teachers conduct parent-teacher conferences twice a year. 

• Kinderhaus students have the opportunity to engage in several field trips throughout the year. The field trips are optional and a fee is charged to cover the cost of the bus and entrance fee. Field trips may include, The Children's Theater, a gymnastics center, nature centers, and an animal farm. 

• Throughout the year, special classroom celebrations include a fall festival, winter celebration, and Valentine's Day. 

• Children host a special event for dads in January and for moms in April. Students demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year by working on activities together with their parents.


How do I apply for KMS? 

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What are the fees and tuition cost at KMS? 

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Contact Us:

 Kinderhaus Montessori Preschool

Phone: 651-482-7925

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3115 Victoria Street North

Roseville, MN, 55113