How do I apply for KMS? 

Click for the 2018 Application PDF 

After you apply, the Head of School will review your application. Then, you will be invited to bring your child to KMS for a New Student Interview. At this time, your child will work with a teacher and you will talk with the Head of School. This is a good time to familiarize your child with the environment and for teachers to get a sense of how your child will be in the classroom. Finally, after the Interview, you will receive an Acceptance Letter and Contract to sign.

What are the fees and tuition cost at KMS? 

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What days do the 3 and 4 day children attend school?

3 day children attend school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.

4 day children attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Our Full Day program is five full days per week.


What is your Parent Aware rating?

We were rated 3 stars in July 2018. We plan to obtain the full 4 star rating within the next two years.


What is the difference between a Montessori classroom and a traditional classroom?

A Montessori classroom is child-centered. The focus is with the uniqueness of each individual with respect to each child's interest and level of development. The teacher, originally called a "Directress", functions as a designer of the environment, role model, facilitator to the child and keen observer of behavior and growth. Children learn at their own pace, not of the group. Once they have received a lesson (presentation) children are free to choose their own activities. Learning is self-motivated, enjoyable and ultimately, highly successful. 

Montessori classrooms are also multi-aged with three to six-year-olds interacting together as one community. This encourages social interaction for cooperative learning, peer teaching and emotion growth. 

Is Montessori only for preschool aged children? 

There are Montessori schools with programs for infants and toddlers through senior high. However, the program at Kinderhaus is only for preschool and kindergarten children. A child must be thirty-three months old before they can start school. 

Can I enroll my child after September?

We accept children until January. As long as a child is potty-trained and is at least 33 months, they can apply to KMS. 

How well do KMS students transition to traditional schools? 

All children are adaptable. Children from Kinderhaus have transitioned well into a traditional kindergarten classroom. They have already learned to work independently and make individual choices, they possess good communication skills and they have confidence in their abilities. Kindergarten teachers for area schools have remarked what a delight KMS students are to have in their classrooms. 

Does KMS require students to be toilet trained? 

Yes. While we recognize not all children are toilet trained before their early education begins, we do require all children are trained without the use of pull-ups when they begin at Kinderhaus. 

Where is the KMS current parents Facebook page?

Follow this link to the parents Facebook Page