"I researched almost every school in the area when deciding on my daughter's preschool, and Kinderhaus stood out as the best. I am very glad that we chose this school...and now it is offering not only part-time but full-time options! My daughter has attended Kinderhaus for almost two years, and she loves it. The environment is calm and encourages creativity and learning. It is also more affordable than other options in the area because it is parent-run. I could not say more positive things about this school, including the new teacher who started this year." - Aisha, current parent


"This school is both beautiful and remarkable in many ways. The teachers are outstanding, both highly qualified and experienced, carrying out the Montessori Method with authenticity. And the space is inspired; a former church chapel turned preschool, it is filled with natural light with many natural wood features. Also, because it is a parent-run school, the families and children get to know each other in a way that goes beyond the average school, creating a sense of community. We recommend it without reservation." - Michelle, former parent


“An amazing little school! Our daughter started here in the fall at age 3 in the three day per week program. It's been so fun to watch her start her education at such a great school. The teachers did a great job of preparing us for the transition to school; we were a little nervous to start as she hasn't been in any environment like this before, but it went really smoothly. She has learned so much in a short time; and has really increased her attention span and ability to focus. We also love that it's self-directed and fostering autonomy in our daughter, while teaching her how to care for her learning materials and take things one step at a time. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. We found it randomly through searching schools online and feel really fortunate to have landed here.”  - Julie, former parent


"Excellent start for my son, 21 years ago! We were driving in the area, and I wondered if this place was still around. I am thrilled to see that it is, and Ms Nora is still going strong. I did a lot of research before choosing this school, and I believe his early education experience here was fundamental to his success today. I am happy that I can now recommend KMS to a new generation!" - Mary Beth, former parent