“Kinderhaus Montessori School was the BEST thing that we ever did for our children’s education. Attending Kinderhaus gave our children the foundation that they needed to be highly motivated and successful in school.
The Montessori method fostered independent thinking and learing, which is a great survival skill in today’s academic world. Through mentoring others, our children learned to become leaders and continue to help their peers. The teachers were phenomenal - they were highly skilled and very adept at interacting with young children of all ages and abilities, and it was exciting to watch our kids grow in this environment. 

Our children are in middle school and high school now, and they still remember their teacher and activities from preschool. How many kids can say that? This may give you an idea of the huge impact that KMS had on our children!”
~ Ken and Lori Purdhan 

“This school is both beautiful and remarkable in many ways. The teachers are outstanding, both highly qualified and experienced, carrying out the Montessori Method with authenticity. And the space is inspired; a former church chapel turned preschool, it is filled with natural light with many natural wood features. Also, because it is a parent-run school, the families and children get to know each other in a way that goes beyond the average school, creating a sense of community. We recommend it without reservation.”
~Michelle West Lenhart 

“Excellent start for my son, 21 years ago! We were driving in the area, and I wondered if this place was still around. I am thrilled to see that it is, and Ms Nora is still going strong. I did a lot of research before choosing this school, and I believe his early education experience here was fundamental to his success today. I am happy that I can now recommend KMS to a new generation! ” 

~Mary Beth Dawson 

“This school is really great. They have 2 teachers and they are very organized. They are also very caring and are willing to listen to the needs of the family. This is not a daycare, but a school where the kids work as a whole group at the beginning of the day and then they work on their own activities the rest of the time. It's very structured, which I really appreciate. My son has been going here for 5 months and I am amazed at how much he is learning. They have focused units of study every few weeks, for example, an Antarctica unit. We are in awe of how much he tells us about each unit. His vocabulary and background knowledge have grown so much in the last 5 months, really helping to build a solid foundation for future learning and reading. We highly recommend this school. Definitely take a look.” 

~Kari Paidin 

“This year when my eldest daughter started Elementary school we decided to combine this with the Kindergarten curriculum offered at her preschool, Kinderhaus Montessori. Another parent had done this the previous year and the success she observed encouraged us to consider this option. For parents interested in full day Kindergarten but who do not get accepted I would highly recommend this option. We never applied for full day as I was reluctant when I found out they are prohibited from covering additional learning in the full day class beyond the learning available to the half day program. Although my daughter would have more time on the materials and get the additional lunch and recess that full day Kindergarten offers to me it seemed less appealing than opportunities afforded by attending Elementary school half day and adding the Kinderhaus 3 day Kindergarten program. It has worked out great. She has been able to continue her leaning at Kinderhaus, much of it being ahead of where her Elementary curriculum starts (particularly in the Math and reading area's). Several other parents are now signing up for this same option for their children as they enter the Elementary school system. It has proved great for my daughter, we couldn't be happier.” 

~Kehlen Mikkelson 

“My husband and I searched all over the northern metro area for a Montessori school for our daughter because we felt strongly that the Montessori model provides a much stronger academic and life skill foundation compared to a traditional preschool program. After researching several Montessori programs in the area, we knew that Kinderhaus was the best fit for our daughter. While some of the Montessori programs have had frequent turnover rates in teachers, the teachers at Kinderhaus have been teaching there, as a team, for over twenty years. Therefore, the relationship of the teachers and the classroom routine has been well-established. The environment is welcoming, engaging, and clean, with materials that are in great condition. This was not the case in some of the other Montessori programs we visited. From the moment my daughter entered Kinderhaus for her interview, she felt comfortable exploring and did not want to leave. That was a huge sign that we had made the right decision. Now, we are amazed everyday at the new things she is learning and doing. For instance, at three, she is able to articulate the difference between living and non-living things and discuss the continents. Her independence is soaring as well; she is able to dress herself, pour her own milk, and understands the need to pick up after herself when she is done with an activity. We cannot say enough great things about Kinderhaus!” 

~Holly E 

“We feel incredibly blessed to have found Kinderhaus Montessori through some inter- net research a few months ago and perhaps I can shorten your path to a great school with an endorsement as a parent. If you are reading this review you may be wondering (just like we were) about the best place for your child to begin their education. What do you look for? Will your child feel comfortable and welcome ? What can you expect from a Montessori education? 

This school had everything we were looking for and more. They offer morning and afternoon sessions and they offer both 3-day and 5-day programs. The class sizes are small and social and you likely won't find more caring and passionate educators than Miss Nora and Miss Susan. Plus, the tuition is affordable and some assistance is available. 

We are almost done with our son's first year and we are planning to enroll him for a second year in the fall. Our daughter will be going there, too - no doubt in my mind. You should know that this is a small school with a close-knit connection between children, teachers and parents and they ask for parents to play an active role in the school if you can spare the time. This isn't the "drop your kid off in the parking lot" kind of place and we love how our son has blossomed in the quiet and challenging environment under the Montessori philosophy practiced at Kinderhaus Montessori. 

I urge you to take a tour and see for yourself.” ~ Timm Ideker 

“An amazing little school! Our daughter started here in the fall at age 3 in the three day per week program. It's been so fun to watch her start her education at such a great school. The teachers did a great job of preparing us for the transition to school; we were a little nervous to start as she hasn't been in any environment like this before, but it went really smoothly. She has learned so much in a short time; and has really increased her attention span and ability to focus. We also love that it's self-directed and fostering autonomy in our daughter, while teaching her how to care for her learning materials and take things one step at a time. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. We found it randomly through searching schools online and feel really fortunate to have landed here.” 


~Julie Lunn